Performance testing for Enterprise Application

Enterprise applications deliver processing of high volumes of operational and transactional data in real-time. This critical infrastructure component requires critical service-level agreements (SLAs). The goal is to ensure a smooth introduction and operation of Enterprise application in daily business at minimal costs.

Business-critical Enterprise application environments consist of many components like applications, databases, operating systems, servers, networking, storage, management tools, and backup software. It is critical to ensure the infrastructure can deliver expected performance, security, and reliability. Supported Optimized Solution for the application takes a different approach, providing pre-integrated, pretested, highly available infrastructure in a single system for maximum efficiency and optimum performance.

Why Performance Testing is critical for Enterprise application

With Increasing number of Enterprise Applications users and becoming more and more involved it becomes extremely challenging task such as 

  1. Major software upgrade like database or operating system migration.
  2. Major hardware upgrade like implementing BIA infrastructure for BW
  3. Implementing a new module or new functionality

Our performance Testing solution mitigates below Challenges in Enterprise Performance Tests

One of the primary drivers behind this shift to modern load testing is the growing complexity of the Enterprise application

Performance Testing Solution

360Logica performance Engineering solution enables to validate performance, virtualize

 network, simulate workloads, benchmark production system performance, and optimize

your deployments of software applications. The application shortens testing and development cycles, reduces bottlenecks and costly production defects, early performance test lets you perform root-cause analysis to uncover why performance issues are happening.

Our Performance Test scenarios would ensure to reproduces business processes that

end users would perform in production, creating scripts that can be modified to simulate actual

user behaviours. Our performance Testing solution enables testing a range of software, including Web and mobile technologies, ERP applications, and legacy systems. With our Enterprise application performance solution, run high-scale tests will utilize minimal hardware, with any mix of physical and virtual environments, including public cloud infra-structure. Issues identification using advanced monitoring and analysis tools and help make sure that new or upgraded applications meets performance requirements

Our Performance Test solution can emulate thousands of concurrent virtual users to apply accurate work-loads, capturing end-user response times for processes and transactions to determine whether

the software being tested meets service-level agreements (SLAs). Nonintrusive, real-time

monitors capture performance data from every component of application infrastructure.

Network and service virtualization functionalities allow you to eliminate and control unknown

variables and isolate performance risks. Powerful analytics and diagnostics provide a unified view

of end-user response time and infrastructure- and code-level performance.

360Logica Performance Testing Solution enables performance testing for environments and protocols including Web, mobile apps, message queuing telemetry transport (MQTT), HTML5, WebSockets, Ajax, Apache Flex, remote desktop protocol, remote terminal emulators, Citrix, Java, and .NET Framework. An intuitive scripting and debugging engine leverages data

format extensions and correlation to accelerate efforts.


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