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The spread of IT across all segments of business now calls for QA consulting by qualified and expert professionals capable of advising on requirements, quality issues, and implementation. Software QA consulting determines the bedrock of the quality process and upholds the consumer trust. It empowers the developers to create robust applications following processes that assure on consistency, quality, timeliness, delivery standard, and no budget overruns.  
Role of QA Consulting
QA consulting helps improve the maturity of software development process by steering it toward tangible results and thereby assuring business benefits. Its focus on greater predictability, best practices, superior quality, standardization, and usability of applications guides developers on creating infallible software without overrunning time and budget. QA consulting also enables developers adhere to industry benchmarks by offering them solutions for context-specific process improvement. 
The key role of QA consulting in the software development process includes the following.
•       Defect Prevention
QA consulting helps software developers ramp up their process to make it free from defects. Ability and expertise of consultants to foresee and envisage detailed outcome empowers developers to implement defect prevention solutions. Defect prevention process is designed according to organization work process and robust mechanism to support it is established with the assistance from QA consulting experts. This improves ability of developers to foresee and manage potential defects, minimize rework, and better productivity. QA consulting also enables adoption of suitable root cause analysis methods that help identify and avert defects early in the life cycle.
•       Performance Management
QA consulting helps maximize performance by establishing efficient measurement and analysis framework. It tracks team and individual performance at various levels by establishing appropriate mechanisms and suggests improvements. QA consulting process also includes introduction of metrics, tools, and technology that assist in delineating a clear understanding of achievements, enhancing progress visibility, and increase quantification of process effectiveness. This facilitates decision making that further speeds up execution and delivery of software projects.
•       Assessment of Process Capability
QA consulting assesses processes adopted by software developers and their capability and maturity keeping in view the contemporary trends. It examines if the processes employed are competent enough to deliver high quality desired by customers and demanded by end users. Effective QA consulting leads to capability assessment and gap analysis, two vital parameters to formulate a structured product development road map. It aids in creating the most suitable action plan, prioritize tasks, achieve maturity, and implement improvements for fulfillment of goals.
•       Training and Capacity Improvement
QA consulting contributes to software development skill enhancement and capacity building. Identification of areas requiring improvement enables an organization to develop adequate strength and close the gap. To help organizations meet this end, QA consulting helps in developing training curriculum for employees, process-compatible materials, and model-specific guidelines. This enables employees and managers to improve awareness, capability, and efficiency in consonance with latest technical and economic scenario. Teams working on a project can integrate multiple initiatives with the help of QA consulting and enrich the software development process.

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