QA Services and Software Testing: The Twin Pillars

QA services go parallel with software development and complement the testing process. It is essential to adopt a strong quality assurance process during the software development to cater to the varied industry and end user requirements. No ad hoc quality testing fits the demanding market needs as consumer dissatisfaction and negative publicity caused by ineffective products are likely to spell doom for software development companies and dependent businesses. QA services make sure the development process adhere to the quality parameters, standards, and promise to deliver superior products.
Role of Software QA Services
Software QA services include the task of monitoring the entire software development process, including methodologies applied, engineering, quality parameters, standardization, guidelines, and delivery schedule. It is assigned with the responsibility to ascertain product quality at every stage and ensure that the final outcome meets all required standards. Robust QA services help software developers authenticate the right procedures and ensure affirmation to the best possible standard.
Etymologically, QA services refer to systematic efforts implemented during the product development stage to ensure compliance to standard procedures and provide feedbacks essential to prevent errors. Software QA services run parallel to various facets of product development, including quality material procurement, management, assembly, production, and inspection, and help determine superior quality at every step.
With focus on the outcome of development stage, QA effectively works as a quality control mechanism based on the following two principles.
•       The Principle of Fit for Purpose: QA services make sure the software development process follows a procedure assuring creation of products suitable for the desired requirement.
      The Principle of Right First Time: QA services ensure that all errors are eliminated assuring an error-free product creation.
QA Services Complement Software Testing
QA services begin as soon as the software development process sets in. They look after five major areas.
         Inception and customization: QA services examine if the product is conceived taking into account all customer requirements, market trends, security and quality issues, end-user experience, and flawless performance.
          Resource assembly: QA services look into human and technical resources employed, their competency, reliability, and ability to deliver the required product within the set time and budget.
           Approach, test plan, and deliverable: The development plan delineates the approach and set deliverable goals at each stage of production. QA services ensure that the approach is conceived considering all relevant factors and set the right procedures to follow.  
•       Development process: Experts looking after QA services examines the progress, quality, and outcome at every stage and provide feedback to the development team regarding errors, standards, and procedural issues affecting the development.
•       Outcome: QA services checks final deliverable for quality, performance, standards, and other agreed parameters before sending them to customers.
Robust QA services make the task of software testing easy and fast. Prevention of errors at the development stage enables fewer problems during the testing phase and leads to faster market introduction of products. It also significantly lowers the risk of redevelopment of error-prone products while stringent quality checks assure longer life cycle milestones. 

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