A Quick Insight to Website Usability Testing

While building a new website, there are various things that need to be considered. In addition to the content, it must have an appealing UI to attract the visitors. A website must be tested for usability as this is the key aspect of building a website.

Usability in simple terms is the way a user interacts with the object or how easily he interacts. In the case of a website, usability is defined as the ease with which a person uses the website.

Importance of Website Usability Testing

If the website is not usable there are high chances that the user will navigate to a different site. There are various companies who totally rely on their web presence to achieve their business goals. Improving usability can encourage users to navigate to your website.

Usability testing is one of the techniques that can evaluate the usability of the website. A simple usability test includes all the activities or tasks that a user is expected to perform once he visits the website. Usability testing falls under three categories.

It used to evaluate the usability of early design or prototype earlier in the product development. This also includes users thinking process and understanding of the concept.

Here, the technology is evaluated and is generally used midway. It determines the effectiveness and overall usability by evaluating the real-time scenarios.

It compares two or more designs and identifies the strengths and weaknesses.


Types of Usability Testing Methods

Hallway Testing

This method involves random people to test the website instead of the experts. This is quite helpful in testing a new website.

Remote Usability Testing

Here, the website is tested by the people who are located at different geographies. The testing is performed through video conferencing some times.

Expert Review

Experts are asked to evaluate the usability of the website. They can evaluate the website either remotely or can be called to the location to test the website.

Paper Prototype Testing

A rough design is created to test the prototype, mode, or design.

Normal Walkthrough

A realistic scenario is created to set up usability test situation.

Controlled Experiments

Two products are compared with statistics. This method is tough. However, yield accurate results.

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