Rapise: A Quick and Flexile Tool to Automate Testing

Test automation holds an immense value in the software testing industry, especially while performing regression testing. Moreover, they can also be used as an alternative to test new features and capabilities.

Rapise is an adept tool to test web, mobile, and desktop applications easily. It caters the need to automate tests across multiple platforms, environments, browsers, and devices. With top features and easy-to-use GUI, Rapise avoids the need to change the test scripts with changes in the application.

Feature Walk-through

Record and Playback

Rapise: A Quick and Flexile Tool to Automate Testing


Rapise can be used to create scripts from your actions while you record a test. The translated script is executed once you playback the test.

You can ensure the desired results from your test by adding verification points.

The unique Learn and Go testing method replaces the conventional record-and-playback process.

Rapise supports all popular browsers, including IE, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and more.

You can generate quick reports, with the capability to customize them by adding instructions.

In the worst case situation, where object-based automation doesn’t work, you can perform analog recording.

The tool automatically creates manual test cases.

Robust Automation

The powerful object manager option helps you manage changes in the application without the need to change the test scripts.

The JavaScript Editor and Debugger options allow you to execute and debug your script easily.

The tool supports Data-Driven Testing (DDT), which can be used to load test data from excel sheet or database.

The Optical Character Recognition (OCR) option caters the need to include or find text inside a GUI.


Applications that are built using different technologies can be tested using a single test script.

You can manage distributed automation test lab with integrated scheduling and real-time reporting options.

The tool allows you to choose from the available objects to be used for automation.


The tool also supports Application Programming Interface (APIs) testing.


Flexibility and Extensibility

You can test individual software components, including code libraries and user interfaces.

The Test Management Integration feature allows you to centrally manage your requirements, tests, and incidents.

The scripting engine can be extended to include third party test libraries, frameworks, and reporting options.

Recognition and Execution feature can be added by the end users as well.

Desktop Applications

The tool supports Microsoft Windows GUI applications, including applications based on Win32, Visual Basic 6, Active X, WFP, .NET (1.0, 2.0, 4.0), and more.

You can choose the JVM of your choice and get connected.

The tool supports testing Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR) based applications, including Adobe AIR Flex 3 and 4.

It uses different Qt widgets to test applications based on cross-browser Qt framework.

The tool also supports 3rd party component libraries like Infragistics WinExtras/Controls, DevExpress DevExperience XtraEditors/Controls, Telerik RadControls for WinForms, and more.

Mobile Applications

It makes use of iOS devices like iPad and iPhone to execute and record automated tests.

You can make use of the simulator as well as real android devices to play and record automated tests.

Web Applications

With the ability to discover objects, the tool can be easily and effectively used to test web applications.

The tool can be used to test interactive web applications created using AJAX and other technologies like jQuery, GWT, and YUI frameworks.

You can share your app functionality with other programs by invoking web services using some protocols.

The tool allows you to test Microsoft Silverlight Rich Internet Applications (RIA) using its UI automation library.

The tool also supports testing of Java applets, which are either built using the Abstract Window Toolkit (AWT) or Swing toolkit.

It tests application based on different Flex controls on browsers like IE, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and more.

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