Role of QA in Tech Support

Role of QA in Tech Support

Quality Assurance (QA) has evolved over time like any other areas of software development. With the advancement in technologies, the scope and scale of the project keeps on changing and so does the role of QA.

QA caters the need to add value to the business by ensuring an error free product. However, the word ‘QA’ is not confined to the software industry. Today, the customer service operations run to keep the customer happy and satisfied. The QA system can compare what have been promised to the customer’s expectation to what has been actually delivered. If we talk about customer service involving technology, we can see that tech support has an important role in each and every application. We often face difficulties while using an application from time to time. For example, while using Facebook, you might need to hide your profile and you might not know how doing it. This makes you contact the customer support through the telephone or submit the query on the form. Now, the role of customer support starts, as they first analyze the user’s problem and solve the issue as soon as possible. The severity of the issue might vary depending upon the situation. Sometimes, the problem doesn’t get resolved immediately. In such cases the customers are asked to wait while a problem ticket is created of the related issue and assigned to the tech support.

Now, the tech support starts working on different tools according to the application. First, the tech support executive login to the tool to check the number of tickets assigned to them on that day. Then, they pick a high priority ticket and start working on it after reviewing the comments from both the user and customer support.  Then, they try to create a testing environment and log a ticket/ bug in a specific tool, like Jira, Word, Excel, etc., if successful. The executive then runs scripts to identify the point of failures, and ensures there are no additional issues. This is again commented in the ticket that the issue has been identified. Thereafter, the issues/bugs are passed to the developers for fixing. Developers go through the comments and fix the problem and put their comments. Finally, the tech support executive crosschecks the testing environment to ensure there are no issues at all. Depending upon the situation, they again log their comment; resolved or unresolved. If it is resolved, then the ticket is closed. However, of the issue/bug persists, it is again re-opened with comments.

That’s the role of QA in Tech Support.


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