The role-play of Digital Marketing in Mobile App Projects

The world is going the digital way and hence collective marketing teams play a key role in the company’s digital strategy. And if not, then they definitely should.

Why these teams are a vital part because anything that exists has to pass through their supervision. For instance any Quick Response Code (QR code) that is being printed, website being developed and content of any category being published need a ‘good to go’ sign from this department. Online media has created a rage and hence it has become an imperative credit for alluring customers. But at the same time it is expensive to manage especially when third parties like digital agencies and IT developers are involved in the creation or the initial stages.

The role-play of Digital Marketing in Mobile App Projects

The need and demand of digital marketeers is on a high but to save expenses interactive marketing departments are more often in sourcing design teams, interactive media experts and IT developers for the construction of websites, mobile apps and other digital assets. Digital marketeers who have worked with web development teams have learned about the different concepts around Content Management, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Website Analytics and (Online) Focus Groups.

With other carriers like mobile added to the queue, a different kind of outlook is required. Creating mobile apps has a different approach, it requires new skills in contrasting fields of expertise and this should in no way belittle.

Let us take a look at the few upshots of people who are working in interactive or collective marketing teams and handling mobile app projects as well:

It would call for a great hazard to leave the app development and design to a hard core IT performer who does not have experienced design resources. If the development team does not have those skills, a design team needs to serve them with proper design assets. Managing requirements and exemplifying proper user experience creations are mandatory.


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