SaaS Offering Attributes

Integration with External Applications: Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP)-based Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), Extract Transform Load (ETL) and On Line Analytical Processing (OLAP) Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)

Manageability: Multi-tenant architecture to support clients from a single instance in order to reduce the costs of infrastructure, hosting and management

Performance: Distributed data caching and code optimization tools for improving performance and response time

Scalability: Meta-database and load balancing for scalability

Security: Multi-tiered, multi-layered, role-based security model

Time-to-Market: Distributed Agile methodology and platform to accelerate time-to-market and provide shorter release cycles

Usability: AJAX-based APIs to provide interactive, professional-looking Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs) supported by a dedicated team of usability experts

Compatibility: Portability experts to provide consistent support across a variety of browser platforms

Availability: 24/7 in-house support services to ensure uptime and continuous availability

Expertise on Open Source: Use of tools to reduce total cost of ownership


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