Sahi Automation


Open source testing tool for web applications. Sahi is available as open-source and proprietary versions.

Both the open-source and pro version includes excellent recorder and playback on all browsers, inbuilt  HTML reports, suites and batch run and parallel playback, smart object identification using Sahi Controller, simple scripting, automatic waits  etc. Pro version includes some of the other features like CSV test automation, test distribution and report customization etc.

It runs as a proxy server and the browser needs to use the Sahi server as its proxy. Sahi injects JavaScript to access elements in the webpage which makes tool independent of the web application.

Browser and platform supports:

Sahi works on Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera etc. on Windows, Mac and Linux.

Features of Sahi:

1.Simple & Powerful Scripting

Sahi Script is based on JavaScript. Interact with your File-System, Databases, Excel sheets, CSV files with ease. Call any Java code or library from Sahi Script to get added power.

2. Inbuilt Excel Framework

Use the inbuilt Excel Framework to let your business analysts and non-technical testers contribute to testing. Easily test from the Controller. Get detailed inbuilt reports.

3. Intuitive and simple APIs

4. JavaScript based scripts for good programming control

5. Command line and ant support for integration into build processes

6. Supports external proxy, HTTPS, 401 & NTLM authentications

7. Supports browser popups and modal dialogs

8. Can directly invoke Java code from scripts. This is used to access databases, read pdf files

9. Supports data-driven testing.

Sample HTML Report:

Why Sahi Pro:

1.Power of Java within Sahi

2.Powerful Accessor Repository

3.Use ( . ) to get attributes

4. Excellent logs and reporting mechanism

5. Distributed Playback


If you have small requirements of automation, say less than 100 scripts, use open source Sahi. If you need richer database backed reports, multi machine playback, guaranteed support etc. use the more feature rich Sahi Pro.

Author : Swatantra Kumar Vishwakarma


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