What is Scalability Testing in Performance Testing?

With the changes in requirement and growing need, the system must adapt and work accordingly. Scalability testing ensures that the system meets the growing need when there is any change in terms of size and volume, making the system, process, or network to function well. In simple words, scalability testing checks the capability of the system, process, and databases to match the increasing need and ensure that the application is able to handle to change in terms of traffic, data, and transactions.


Scalability testing is a kind of performance testing, where the focus remains on application’s behaviour while testing it under excessive load. The main aim of performing scalability testing is to identify the point where the application stops adapting or responding to the changes and the reasons behind it. Some of the reasons for performing scalability testing are mentioned below.


Scalability Testing Attributes

You can test the following attributes through scalability testing.


Scalability Testing: Test Strategy

Test strategy can differ on the basis of the type of application being tested. For example, if a database is associated with an application, then the parameters for testing will be the database and the number of users.


  1. Define a process that can repeatedly execute scalability test throughout its life cycle.
  2. Select the scalability criteria.
  3. Select the tools to run load tests.
  4. Configure the hardware and testing requirement for scalability testing.
  5. Plan the test scenarios.
  6. Create and verify visual script and load test scenarios.
  7. Execute and evaluate the test.
  8. Generate the required reports.



Scalability Testing Vs Load Testing

Scalability testing focuses on performance of the application at different stages with varying loads. Load testing on the other hand, focuses on testing under heavy loads and determining the point at which it fails.

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