Security Concerns while Securing Virtualized Environment

Virtualized EnvironmentVirtualization has been a key enabling technology for the evolution of cloud computing. In order to provide computing and storage services to their clients, hardware virtualization has enabled IaaS providers to efficiently use the available hardware resources. There are certain requirements for virtualization for the design of virtualized computer architectures. In fact, three properties of interest (Hypervisors) for a virtual machine monitor (VMM) have been designed: equivalence, resource control, and efficiency. Hypervisors run directly on the host hardware, while hosted hypervisors run in the environment of an operating system (OS) and hence their access to the hardware resources is mediated by the OS.

Security risks are often associated with data, algorithms, activity patterns or business reputation, and are different for each organization or person. Hence, cloud users would benefit from both a choice of different levels of security as well as different aspects of security.

In the given scenario, a constant research effort in the area of cloud storage and cloud computing will bring security considerations for each cloud service (CS) client.

A significant body of research has been carried out in the area of secure virtual machines and particularly confidentiality of virtual machines in untrusted environments.

Note: Dom0 is the domain started by the Xen hypervisor on boot.

A major drawback of the proposed method is a reported tangible performance hit. However, no clear benchmarks have been provided. Furthermore, secure VM migration is left as an unsolved challenge.

Minimizing the TCB and sealing the attack surface is one of the basic principles of application security, several of the examined approaches aim to solve this by reducing the trusted computing base. However, there are various assumptions that have been made to address the security concerns in a virtualized environment.

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