Simultaneous Access for Multiple Users in MAC through Remote Management Feature

The Remote Management Feature allows using simultaneous multi-user access in MAC (Mountain Lion (10.8) and above). This Feature allows an MAC machine to be shared across multiple users. To achieve this feature we need to first configure the MAC machine and then we need a VNC viewer application that can be installed on any windows machine to access MAC remotely. Every remote connection with MAC requires credential for specific MAC user account for login purpose.

Steps to configure VNC:

Prerequisite: Both Windows and MAC machine must have the same network.

  1. Download TightVNC software from for your compatible architecture like 64 bit or 32 bit Windows.
  2. Install TightVNC setup with Password, which is required when another system access your machine using TightVNC.
  3. Open System Preference on MAC.
  4. Move to Users & Group.
  5. Click on the Lock button to change the password.
  6. Create a User like ‘Abhinav’.
  7. Open Sharing from System Preference.
  8. Check Remote Management.
  9. Set Password in Computer Settings as ‘360logica’.
  10. Check Remote Login.
  11. Copy Network IP from Network Preference on MAC machine.
  12. Open TightVNC viewer from search panel.
  13. Put Network IP with Port number in Remote Host textbox Like:   (TightVNC always works on Port No 5900).
  14. Click on connect.

After step 14, you can see MAC screen with all user(s). Now, you can access the user for which you have the password.Simultaneous Access for Multiple Users in MAC through Remote Management FeatureScreencast:


  1. You can start working on MAC virtually without waiting of physical machine when you have to test any MAC app or any web app on MAC browser.
  2. Simultaneous user can access machine at same time.


User can face little performance issue due to using of development tool like XCode only if MAC machine is MAC mini. However, if MAC machine is MAC mini server, then there is no performance issue.


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