Six Incredible Ways to Grow Your Business through Digital Testing

Six Incredible Ways to Grow Your Business through Digital TestingOut of the many aspects of software development process, software testing is the most underrated one. Cost is one of the key factors while developing a software application and the main reason that influence an organization’s decision not to perform software testing. In spite of the importance of testing admitted by developers over and over again, the management team of many companies prefers sticking to lab-test, and believes that a developed software application would be operational once installed.

In my opinion, testing is an essential part of the development phase. In addition, it brings lots of advantages for the business. Some of them are discussed below.

Return on Investment (ROI)

ROI is a simple and versatile metric to evaluate the performance of a business and benefit to the investors from an investment. Though software testing is not directly related to ROI; however, it helps in improving user experience and increases the task accomplishment rate. This in turn results in leads with improved ROI.

Determine the reasons for Low Conversions and Drop Outs

Websites hold immense importance to run any business. Any person accessing your website has the potential to become a client. However, if the visitor is not satisfied, he can be the reason for the downfall of the website traffic. Hence, testing allows identifying the reasons for dissatisfaction and helps in resolving the issues to boost conversion and ROI.

Look beyond SEO  

You can’t underestimate the value of an SEO while performing website testing. However, it’s not just the SEO who can add the feel good factor for your customer. A website can look more appealing, if you test the website and improve its look and feel, which in turn has a positive impact on ROI.

Know your Customer (KYC)           

Testing helps in attracting a large number of customers. By understanding behavior of consumers and its requirements, you can accordingly optimize your website. This will help in improving ROI and site conversions.

Exploration and Mapping

User testing can provide you a lot of feedback, including the way a user navigates the website. The feedback thus obtained can improve the website structure and allow easy navigation. The key to turn each visitor into sales lies in the fact that how easily a user can navigate the website. This can happen if the content on the website is properly organized especially the banners and animations.

Real time user testing

There are various kinds of testing essential to the development process, especially the internal testing. However, it often proves to be inadequate. For an unbiased and adequate feedback, you must perform user testing with real consumers.


User testing is a part of digital testing, which is a critical aspect while testing a software application. The competition is tough in every business and the challenge lies in making the customer stick to your website and make purchases. In order to make the customer stay on your site, you must provide better navigation experience. Digital testing is one of the best ways to understand the customer’s requirements.


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