Are you skilled to enhance Regression Testing?

Are you skilled to enhance Regression Testing?

We have spoken earlier about Regression testing in our previous blogs. To define Regression Testing: Regression means retesting the unchanged parts of the application. Test cases are re-executed in order to check whether previous functionality of application is working fine and new changes have not introduced any new bugs. This is the method of verification. Verifying that the bugs are fixed and the newly added feature have not created in problem in previous working version of software.

Software Industries never rests, the work here is never ending, it may be for software or its maintenance etc. Be it web regression testing or app testing or any other king of regression, it does not matter. Such tests are essential hence have to be as effective as they can get. Lots may be changed within both features as well as specifications. This may, indeed, become too stressful for testers and especially to regression the testers were about to use. This is where automation makes an entry. Then, with the automated regression test suites better test coverage is what may be expected. Certainly, automation is a great concept if regression is concerned but automated regression testing has its own sets of challenges and maintaining regression test suits may be quite a challenge too.

Things that may affect effectiveness of regression are:

Ways to become more effective

Being effective is a talent, listed below are some tips that may be helpful to you to achieve such a hard goal:

Regression Testing Tools

Automated Regression testing is the testing area where we can automate most of the testing efforts. If test cases are varying time to time as application scope goes on increasing then automation of regression procedure will be the waste of time. Most of the regression testing tools are record and playback type.

With this blog you must have got a better understanding of optimizing regression. We are sure all your regressions will get better and each day new innovative skills will pop up in your minds.

Happy Testing!



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