Software Testing and Assurance Checklist

Are you going to start on a new project for testing? Don’t forget to check this Testing Checklist. List is mostly equivalent to Test plan, it will cover all quality assurance and testing standards.

Testing Checklist:
  1. Create System and Acceptance Tests
  2. Start Acceptance test Creation
  3. Identify test team
  4. Create Workplan
  5. Create test Approach
  6. Link Acceptance Criteria and Requirements to form the basis of acceptance test
  7. Use subset of system test cases to form requirements portion of acceptance test
  8. Create scripts for use by the customer to demonstrate that the system meets requirements
  9. Create test schedule. Include people and all other resources.
  10. Conduct Acceptance Test
  11. Start System Test Creation
  12. Identify test team members
  13. Create Workplan
  14. Determine resource requirements
  15. Identify productivity tools for testing
  16. Determine data requirements
  17. Reach agreement with data center
  18. Create test Approach
  19. Identify any facilities that are needed
  20. Obtain and review existing test material
  21. Create inventory of test items
  22. Identify Design states, conditions, processes, and procedures
  23. Determine the need for Code based (white box) testing. Identify conditions.
  24. Identify all functional requirements
  25. End inventory creation
  26. Start test case creation
  27. Create test cases based on inventory of test items
  28. Identify logical groups of business function for new sysyem
  29. Divide test cases into functional groups traced to test item inventory
  30. Design data sets to correspond to test cases
  31. End test case creation
  32. Review business functions, test cases, and data sets with users
  33. Get signoff on test design from Project leader and QA
  34. End Test Design
  35. Begin test Preparation
  36. Obtain test support resources
  37. Outline expected results for each test case
  38. Obtain test data. Validate and trace to test cases
  39. Prepare detailed test scripts for each test case
  40. Prepare & document environmental set up procedures. Include back up and recovery plans
  41. End Test Preparation phase
  42. Conduct System Test
  43. Execute test scripts
  44. Compare actual result to expected
  45. Document discrepancies and create problem report
  46. Prepare maintenance phase input
  47. Re-execute test group after problem repairs
  48. Create final test report, include known bugs list
  49. Obtain formal signoff



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