Software Testing and Technological Advance Two Sides of Same Coin

Software Testing and Technological Advance Two Sides of Same Coin
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Leveraging the latest technology with skill and innovation holds the key to progress and drive for success. In the software testing industry, this holds greater importance, as technology and skill become the twin wheels of completing a project in a time bound manner and with quality. Manpower and other resources, must be imbibed with new processes and practices and empowered through research and training to adopt newly defined standards, utilize the latest tools, and take new measures that guarantee excellence, aptness, and greater end-user satisfaction in overcoming test challenges while allowing better business prospects.

Surging Pace of IT Technology

In the last few years, computers have witnessed a technological quantum jump in instrumentation, capability, processors, and roles. Highly advanced technology have been turning mobiles more smart with each passing day, and those devices become an integral part in the execution of both important and regular works in our daily lives. Higher expectation and emotional attachment of consumers with the latest technology-studded IT gadgets are a prime focus of software developers nowadays.
It can be judged from their eagerness to look for the latest versions of iPads, iPhones, android phones, laptops, or connected devices months before their market inauguration. The rapid penetration of these devices also creates prospects for business as well as challenges for the software industry.
Enhanced end-user expectations, new gadgets, market dynamism, cut-throat competition, and rising business needs have forced software development teams to focus on research, innovation, and execution of enterprising and technologically empowered solutions. As an essential corollary of the development team, the software testing engineers are required to keep pace with technological advancement and lend their expertise to ensure applications work without flaws in function, performance, and security.

Advantages of Keeping Pace With Technology

  • Better Agile and independent testing
  • Fast and economical software testing
  • Skill and technology enhancement
  • Mastery over new coding languages and test sets
  • Better control of the testing process
  • Superior tools and testing automation process
  • Effective software test management
  • Superior QA and usability testing
  • Furthering brand reputation

Software Testing Teams Ready To Keep Up With Technological Pace

In an environment where software testing teams are hard pressed for time, quality, and innovative solutions, technology is the only support to rest in. More and more teams are moving away from the waterfall methodologies in practice and adopting fast-paced, empowered agile software testing process. Superior technology also enhances independent character and test management profile while facilitating proactive communication and faster skill acquisition.
Testing teams have been endowed with the responsibility to decimate the last barriers between flawless service of an application and its end users. Targeted consumers have varied expectations, aspirations, schedule of operation, and usability skills. It is up to the software testing team of a small size to replicate all these conditions during the validation process. New technology allows wider test arena, superior planning and designing, more scope for simulations, fast test case creation, effective documentation, better copyright protection, and hi-tech test management ensuring ultimate client satisfaction.
However, the testing teams needs to be more objective in the adopting the new technologies. They must have flexible training modules that allow periodical and efficient avenues for skill enhancement. The adoption process should also be convincing and auguring well-crafted career development path for software testing professionals.

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