Software Testing: Direction to the Future

Software Testing: Direction to the Future
Predictions have become a kind of fashion now-a-days and the most common medium to spread it to the masses is the internet. And we all know that most of the predictions are:
  • Vague and Boring
  • Over-the-top and absurd
As we say, exceptions are always there; here too it applies the same. Predictions are random most of the time but when predictions are made with incredible foresight, they and detail. This blog will talk about emergence of continuous testing, the growing importance of quality over cost and of how certifications will play less of a role in a tester’s career.

To demonstrate, take a closer look at a few of these predictions:

Prediction #1: “Building quality in, rather than testing it out, prevention rather than detection” – Thompson predicted a world where testing would no longer be considered as an assembly-line process (usually at the end of a project). Instead, it would become part of the entire process. It would be built into the application from the start, not ‘tested out’ at the end. Whereas QA had been seen primarily as a way to detect defects, he saw it as evolving into a way to prevent them. To quote Thompson, “It continually amazes me how many clients I see who leave testing until the last possible minute. When will companies understand that the earlier a test team is involved, and of course the better trained they are, the more they will recognize problems early in the life cycle enabling them to be resolved before they become execution defects?”

Several companies still leave testing to the last possible minute, they are quickly becoming the minority, as evidence by the rapid adoption of Agile Testing and other quality-first approaches. He nailed this one.

Prediction #2: “Ensuring that quality is not seen as a burden, alongside time and cost” – The growing importance of quality over cost and time is not a hidden fact. Previously, quality used to be a distant aspect behind cost and time in terms of priorities. Today, its vice-versa. If app quality suffers, it no longer matters how much money or time you saved in the software development process. The key question for today’s brand therefore is not ‘how do I save money?’ but rather ‘how do I develop apps that people want to use?’ And this a versatile thought of any brand.

Prediction #3: Software Testing Qualifications, Not Certifications – Software testing certifications were popular back in 2008 and they’re still popular today. Though they have become less relevant nowadays which was acknowledged earlier in 2008. At the same time, the prediction in that time was a world where qualifications (not certifications) would be the determining factor in the success of QA professionals, and today after years gone by, this seems to have come true.

About choosing a career in software testing – No one can guide you choosing your career more than you! Do self-assessment to figure out where you can fit well. Stud your skills, interests, strengths, weaknesses. The future of Software Testing is in Unification and collective advancement.
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