Software Testing Enterprises in Awe of Black Friday

Software Testing Enterprises in Awe of Black Friday

Often on crucial days, the web and mobile applications let us down. By crucial days, we mean say on a weekend when the customers are all game to shop online, lo and behold due to heavy traffic on the sites, the app flops. This is such a worse situation because on a day where the app could hold max customers it loses them all hence creating a recession. This is where our Performance testing collapses. And one such day is the Black Friday – the busiest day of the year!

Apps downfall on the Black Friday can create a huge disaster on the revenue and fame. It creates a buzz in the news which store became a victim of Black Friday and as a result the backend team goes through a lot of mental pressure. With all the survey of the previous years, it is evident that performance testing has to be more robust for Black Friday.

Thought it is extremely challenging to be a success on Black Friday, we can discuss a few ways to handle the chaos of Black Friday.

Software enterprises are well aware that online application performance is critical – keep no doubts! And this time it’s also controversial whether Black Friday 2014 will generate a consumer backlash.

P.S. Black Friday is on the 28th Nov 2014.  The busiest shopping day of the year in the U.S.


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