Software Testing: Is it Cost or Investment for Business?

When company is thinking about testing a software, there are lots of limitations that come in mind first, including available resources, time lines, tools and off course budget. It is required for an organization to consider the quality and cost of product simultaneously while providing application on time to end user.

This context is all about product based organizations with production and deployment over hundred plus products. For a company– it is a kind of investment for future benefits to make goodwill in market. It gives a lot of impact on sales as well as supports cost of software also.

The testing manager has information about entire scenario and it is helpful for company in getting more return on investment with quality products but first organization has to consider following aspects:

Planning & Estimation

Testing takes similar time as required in development and execution of software but we have limited time and resources.

Change Management & Regression Testing

Are we successfully utilizing the efforts to update the old test suites based on the changes for the release?

Last Minutes Changes

Test timelines get affected whenever there is a delay in deployment of product; it will obviously affect release of software then following cost may arise:

  1. Cost if we required to ship it in next week? 
  2. If we arrange developers at last moment as timelines have reduced.


Now the question arises how many testers are required as compared to development?

Tools and Test Labs

Do we have the sufficient finance plan for the Tools & Machines that are required for your test lab and mechanization?

After having the entire discussion and considering entire scenario, it is found out that testing is essential part of a product and necessary for every business organizations too for generating more revenues in comparison of cost of software.


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