Software third party testing in India

Software third party testing in India

Third-party Testing:

Third-party Testing is critical to the detection and elimination of defects, before users ever experience them. Having Questcon perform the testing provides an independent check and balance to ensure that your organization or outsourcer is delivering a product that will not surprise and frustrate its users at a later time.

Many companies often do not have the resources or expertise required to conduct an entire set of tests before accepting custom software from a vendor. Even though a service level agreement may exist between the client and vendor, such agreements do little to reduce the cost and frustration of spending months working to correct bugs when development is not to acceptable levels. Often, vendors still may charge for rework by citing weak or ambiguous requirements that were provided by the client. In the end, the client spends considerably more than planned in time and money just to get the result they expected.

Third-party Testing services save clients money through early error detection and prevention. It’s Questcon’s QA approach to testing that drives significant results and substantial savings. And, before accepting software from the development vendor, clients clearly know the state of the application and can make informed decisions around resource leveling, contingency planning, deadlines and user expectations.


  • Identifies requirement issues (missing, ambiguous, unclear) in the early development stages of the application.
  • Provides a checks and balances system that benefits the client and software vendor
  • Saves money and rework time by reducing the number of errors coded in the first place.
  • Verifies that the technical design conforms to the requirements and expectations of the user.
  • Provides the client with an objective view of the readiness of the software at any given time.
  • Reduces the client’s workload by having an independent third party test the vendor built application, minimizing the chances a client will sign off and accept problematic software.
  • Reduces the number of defects released into production.
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