Some Prominent Advantages of Testing Big Data

Some Prominent Advantages of Testing Big DataThere is a huge amount of data associated with any organization. Such data, if handled properly can prove to be a prized asset for an organization. With the evolution of cloud platforms and social media channels, there are chances of blitz on such stored data, which are otherwise very relevant for any business.

In order to benefit from the generated big data, companies are focusing on testing them. Some of the substantial benefits of testing big data are discussed below.

Data Accuracy

The volume of business data is increasing every year. In a recently conducted survey, it was seen that the data volume is expected to rise by 800% in the next couple of years. However, almost two third of the accumulated data are unstructured. The analysis of such unstructured data can be helpful in creating an insight of the useful data, which was otherwise difficult using conventional business tools. Though unstructured data are large in volume, they can benefit the business in many ways. Accurate data can bolster the weak areas to edge ahead with business competitors.

Better Decisions

Decision making plays a vital role in any business. A better decision making process can be automated to help the business. It is seen that big data help in better decision making more than 50% of the times. However, the manager can use the big data to automate the decisions by carefully analyzing the risks involved.

Better Market Strategy

Today, digital marketing strategies and planning holds the key for any business to prosper. Big data play an important role to help business target the market. With technology, it is easy to collect huge amount of data based on user behavior. The collected data can then be transformed based on the requirement of each customer. In addition, a better decision can be taken through optimization and by targeting anticipated behavior. This can only be achieved by testing big data.

Reduces Deficit and Boost Profits

An indigent quality of big data can prove to be a major loophole in your business, making you lose millions every year. You can reduce such loss by imposing strategies to check the quality of the accumulated data. However, testing such data can further help you to isolate the useful data from the unstructured or bad data. As already discussed, accurate data can improve the overall business, including the decision making process. In addition, it can also enhance the customer service and boost the revenues.

Today, there are organizations that find it difficult to match their QA expertise with the generated data volume. In order to make the best out of the big data, organizations must train their QA experts to harness the advantages of big data testing.


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