System Testing offerings – 360logica

System Testing offerings - 360logica

System testing verifies the functionality of a product against specifications. This can include testing functional and non-functional requirements, specific use case scenarios and other requirements. Additionally, the product is also validated against marketing and business requirements to ensure that it meets the intended use. Most organizations naturally fall into one of two categories with respect to testing of software development deliverables. Either they are too closely aligned to the technology platforms and the software development life cycle to have sufficient objectivity in the negative testing that should comprise the majority of the Systems & Integration testing phase. Alternatively, they are enabled by IT software but are not in the business of IT software development and frequently lack the developer level skills to formulate a System & Integration Test plan that exercises areas of known weakness with the chosen software architectures and development frameworks.

The System & Integration Test phase is the first point where multiple software products, or development streams, come together and it is critical that system and integration defects are discovered and analyzed quickly so that the responsibility for the defect is correctly assigned, with sufficient time available to repair and retest. System and integration testing is the time to verify and validate component interoperability, adherence to design constraints and the correct processing of all potential exception conditions. A well thought out system and integration test strategy together with an experienced and dedicated test team will identify and classify defects at the earliest opportunity. Defects not found at this stage may prove difficult to find and awkward to classify, wasting time and money later in the project as it nears completion, precisely the point where minor variances have the biggest impact.

Value Proposition:

  • Acquire overall system-level analysis and determination of a system´s maturity
  • Make accurate estimate of product delivery date and quality
  • Prepare to deploy the product to manufacturing process
  • Reduce maintenance costs and negative customer experience

System Test offerings:

  • Knowledge of the latest testing tools
  • Ability to work in all environments such as embedded systems, mobile, Windows, Linux, web/online applications
  • Support for specific business area testing such as banking, insurance, security, databases, user interfaces
  • Based on the criticality of the test environments or applications, methods are selected to match the requirements, e.g. risk based testing in high security environment

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