Test Estimation – 360logica

People simply assume it is impossible to estimate Test activities accurately. Test estimates are especially prone to problems because they often depend on other (unreliable) estimates. In fact, though, it is possible to estimate accurately; and huge direct and indirect benefits can result.

This interactive seminar describes key principles of effective estimating and how to apply them to the unique aspects of testing. And, rather than just being a static up-front exercise, the course shows dynamic techniques that effective estimators use throughout the project to control progress as well as to refine and improve their estimates and estimating skills. Exercises enhance learning by allowing participants to practice applying practical techniques to realistic examples.

360logica is in practice to provide estimation using following methods:

When we talk about testing, our customer always asks, which testing which should prefer, using manual or Automation testing.

Automation testing always increase cost in start but in longer term, this is going to benefit the customer, if software product has long release cycle. For short release cycle and RAD projects, manual is always recommended, it reduces your unnecessary QA/testing budget.


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