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Test Planning and Test Engineering

360logica can help you to streamline your QA process and help your engineering team to provide them robust test/QA support from offshore or onsite.

Test planning and test engineering services include:

The test plan represents the overall approach to the test. In many ways, the test plan serves as a summary of the test activities that will be performed. It shows how the tests will be organized, and outlines all of the testers’ needs that must be met in order to properly carry out the test. The test plan is especially valuable because it is not a difficult document to review, so the members of the engineering team and senior managers can inspect it.

The bulk of the test planning effort is focused on creating the test cases. A test case is a description of a specific interaction that a tester will have, in order to test a single behavior of the software. Test cases are very similar to use cases, in that they are step-by-step narratives that define a specific interaction between the user and the software. However, unlike use cases, they contain references to specific features of the user interface. The test case contains actual data that must be entered into the software and the expected result that the software must generate. 360Logica expertise in Test planning and Test Engineering help your Product Team to release product smoothly without any fail.

There are various open source and commercial tools available in market to use for Test Planning and Test Engineering. 360logica helps you to look POC for such tools.


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