Tester role in Agile Methodology

The role of a tester depends on the agile development methodology but there are key principles which help in streamlining the process and approach.

  1. Individuals Ownership and involvement of tester in all aspect of development process:
    This means working closely with the development staff to ensure defects are discovered as soon as possible. They evaluate requirements and test to determine how test can make the earliest and most significant impact.
  2. Interaction over process and tools:
    Use of Collaborative environment which helps all the stake holders to come on the same page and are updated about the progress.
  3. Evaluate defined requirement in short sprints:
    Testers should evaluate requirements and should actively participate with product team to do analysis and test to determine how test can make the earliest and most significant impact. User stories should be well elaborated to exhaustive test cases and scenarios.
  4. Testing Approach:
    • Testers should get involve reviews inspections and walkthroughs to provide input that may shed light on static testing from a functional perspective.
    • It is recommended to have mix of manual and automated tests.
    • In keeping with agile principles to do smart things, be sure you are not using manual tests to do that which could be automated.

Given the relatively short turn around times in this methodology it is important that the team is clear on what needs to be tested. Even though close interaction and innovation is advocated rather than processes, sufficient emphasis is given to the testing effort.


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