Testing Effort Estimation

This estimation process outlines the general methodology by which Manager/Lead develops realistic estimates of the effort, for respective stage of a project. Estimation is done to determine the following, which may be needed to complete a project/task.

Two methods for estimation have been described in the following process – Work Breakdown Method and Function Point/Testing Point Analysis.

Work Breakdown Method

It is created by breaking down the test project into small pieces. Modules are divided into sub-modules. Sub modules are further divided into functionality and functionalities are divided in sub-functionalities.

Review all the requirements from Requirement Document to make sure they are added in Work Breakdown Structure. Now you figure out the number of tasks your team needs to complete. Estimate the duration of each task.

Function Point/Testing Point Analysis

The FP technique is a direct indicator of the functionality of software application from the user’s perspective. This is the most accepted technique used to estimate the size of a software project.

Base of this technique is function point technique. Here we convert function points into test points. In Test Point analysis, we usually carry out the following:

For any software testing estimation technique, it is highly recommended that following factors should be taken into account:


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