Where Does Testing Fits in DevOps?

QA team is a separate team from the development group in most of the organizations. This is mainly because of their different roles, responsibilities, nature of the job. However, people who don’t know the engineering team well, consider development and QA in the same category. They think that both work together to do a single job. So, with the concept of DevOps, where does the QA fit?

Automated Deployment and DevOps

To practice automated software deployment companies are shifting more towards organizational model. DevOps emphasis more on software as a service, and continuous service improvement. DevOps is Agile, i.e. it has smooth process of agile development and continuous improvement. This results in faster time to market, superior quality, and better organizational effectiveness.  So, ultimately the idea of DevOps is getting a higher quality of software, without which the idea of DevOps would fail as a whole. This shows that how critical is the role of QA in organizations following DevOps model.


With the concept of DevOps, it can now verify environments as well, instead of being just a gatekeeper between environments. The concept of separation between product and operation has changed now. Now, the gap between product and operation has reduced with the environment itself being recognized as the part of the product.

Preventing Defects

DevOps QA is more about preventing defects rather finding them. Moreover, QA has the visibility to push code out and back depending upon the situation. Today, in DevOps world, QA is focussing more on preventing defects.

Automation: Load, Performance, and Stress Testing

In this transforming phase of QA, organizations are applying the best practices to areas like security and stress testing in addition to functional testing. These are areas that are moving at a high velocity. This is very critical to business, especially in an eCommerce website. That is why it is important to identify scaling issues before the product is pushed to the environment.

To stay successful in today’s competitive market, both quality and speed matters. Today’s business model largely depends upon the integration between the development teams and operations team, commonly known as DevOps to assure both quality and speed. Moreover, the need for continuous collaboration and delivery has led to the adaptation of DevOps and Digital QA culture, including tools and technologies.

DevOps QA is driven by various factors, with continuous testing being the key. 360logica has the right expertise with in-depth knowledge of continuous testing resulting in the high-quality product with right pace. So, we totally understand the requirement of organizations for DevOps and enable automated test arrangement through an integrated model comprising continuous integration, testing, and delivery. 360logica understanding and experience of shift-left approach of DevOps has helped the organizations to develop a smooth and continuous development and production environment.

DevOps in QA requires realignment of efforts to ensure complete automation in a standardized environment to achieve complete code coverage. In addition, it requires a practice focused on collaboration, automation & performance.


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