The Business Struggles to Keep up with the Pace of Change in Technology

The Business Struggles to Keep up with the Pace of Change in TechnologyWith the advancement in technology, many companies are finding it difficult adapting to the digital transformation. In fact, it’s not just the technology; the rate at which the change is accelerating is altering the entire business logic. Today, more than 50% of the organizations face the challenges of implementing quick and frequent changes in their application’s functionality.

According to the recently published World Quality Report (WQR) report, the pace of digital transformation has made many organizations give more emphasis on testing and quality assurance. Based on the surveys from 32 different countries involving CIO, VP, Director, QA Manager, and more, the report was jointly released by technology giants HP and Capgemini.

With the invasion of new applications there has been a 9% increase in the budget towards QA and testing. This is to control the influx of applications that keep adding on. However, out of the total budget meant for QA/testing, almost half are spent to ensure the application’s relevance and other maintenance work. The report further shows a decline of 1 % budget on new transformative work.

With security being the top priority, companies are focusing more on investing in securing their systems. It was found that almost 80% of the companies are into this practice. The digital transformation and has indeed made security testing a critical factor for various businesses.

The key to security testing lies with the customer experience, as more than two-third of the companies consider it important for QA testing. Today, many companies have started to realize the growing significance of providing customers with an easy and hassle-free experience.

Coming to the methodology, most of the budgets are allocated to Agile and DevOps methods for better QA and testing. The DevOps principle is used by almost 60% of the projects, whereas the remaining uses virtual test environments.

There are many organizations, which are in a pursuit of reviving their testing procedures and practices. However, they are challenged by the short life cycles of programs and applications. This has resulted in a steep increase in the demand for hardware and infrastructure testing.

We have already discussed about the function being a critical business aspect of the QA market. In addition, with more companies now embracing DevOps and Agile methodologies, there has been an increase in the number of new roles to combat the market growth. For example, the roles like Software Development Test Engineers are emerging and are likely to boom as QA is becoming more critical to the business operation.


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