The Challenges Associated with Mobile Game Automation Testing

Testing mobile games guarantees that it is running legitimately and it meets it’s every single particular prerequisite and gives awesome experience to gamers. This may sound troublesome – particularly when there are bazillion distinctive gadget setups where the game must run well. On the off chance that you consider that critical bit of Google Play and App Store incomes are prod uced by mobile games, there is an outright need to automate as much as possible.

The mobile game section is savagely competitive and clients have limited capacity to focus. Client lifetime esteem for each game is intensely subject to extra content, client coordinated effort and so forth which implies that everything needs to work more than a few application updates, back-end updates over stretched out a timeframe to recoup the underlying promoting ventures.




White-Box Vs Gray-Box Vs Black-Box Testing For Mobile Games

White-box testing centers around the design, coordination and fundamental parts of the mobile game, and it requires learning of the code prerequisites, your inside and outside programming engineering and libraries, databases, game engines that are utilized as a component of the game.

Gray-box testing gives instrumentation viewpoint to game testing. The instrumentation can go through the test on the versatile game yet doesn’t get in awesome subtle elements as far as basic design, combinations, libraries and another programming.

Black-box testing centers around mobile game usefulness without real perceivability into the fundamental usage. It will reveal the rationale of the diversion and spotlight on configuration issues, designs resources, and gameplay/convenience of the game.

Games testing at 360logica lab is done in a controlled environment on a closed network that allows us to monitor packet exchanges between the host and remote players. This ensures complete security and flexibility to client testing requirements without compromising on the speed of the process. Cost-effective testing and QA services using a variety of licensed and open-source tools is our USP. The testing team has excellent dedicated people empowered to solve the puzzles and offer exceptional end-to-end solutions for games. They work in one secured LAN and no external drives, phones, cameras, or other devices are allowed in the lab.

60logica offers dedicated functionality, compatibility, standard, and performance testing services for the gaming industry. We have required games testing infrastructure and expertise to test games and embedded software custom-made for different consoles and platforms. Our team has extensive experience in providing testing services to several top publishers and game developers. We have proven capacity for flash and video games testing intended for a variety of platforms, such as mobiles, MMO, PCs. We provide outsourcing games testing services for XBOX 360, Nintendo Wii and DSi, Sony PS2 and PS3, iPhone, online games, and casual games. Our experience in rendering QA services for high-quality video games testing and content at a reasonable cost and tight security and privacy measures at 360logica lab make us an ideal games testing partner.


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