The Deep Fears that Keep Software Testers up at Night

The Deep Fears that Keep Software Testers up at Night

Fear of snakes, spiders, or any bizarre creature is a usual phobia. For many, there could be a few unpleasant experiences that make them scared of that particular scenario or anything. However, it’s difficult to image anyone’s unease or anxiety to something.

Being a software tester puts you in similar situations at times. In fact, software testers face more apprehensions that lead to dreadful situations like keeping awake entire night. A recently conducted survey shows that there are a few things that can create deep and dark fears among software testers. Some of them are discussed below.


With the growing competition among the software testing companies, many companies prefer cost-effective offshore services as compared to in-house testing. However, job security remains the primary concern of many testers in such situation. In the worst case, it can even prove to be a nightmare for them.

Redundant Bugs

A familiar or repetitive situation can make you obliterate in it. The situation could be worse than it looks, as it might let you miss finer details. Moreover, your mind can inevitably straggle.

A redundant task can often let you miss critical issues. Due to the lack of focus, your mind can wander off from the real situation and can let you think about something else that might be irrelevant.

Falling Short

Coming up short or falling short of expectation is something a newer tester experiences more often. As experience comes with time, so does the quality testing by a fresher requires time. However, getting the job done right should remain the top priority.

Many testers fear the situation when they are unable to trace the bug at all. If some of the bugs are traced by their colleagues, they can blame themselves for a while; however, it should not stay in any corner of the head.

These were just a few of the many fears of a tester. Many of you can co-relate the situation with that of yours. You can then be able to find out your deep and dark fears as a software tester, if any. If you think you have any fear, you can share it as a comment below.


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