The Importance of Agile Automation Testing

Software development has transformed over time from waterfall method to Agile. With the advancement in technology, it is very much required to be up to date with the latest technology and innovations in the field of software development. Agile methodology involves software development to be carried out throughout the Software Development Life Cycle. This allows the detection of bugs earlier in the cycle, which results in immediate bug fixes. While testing early in the software development life cycle, there are certain tests that need to be repeated.  Such cases, if handled manually, can take a lot of time and effort. Here, test automation is the key that can overcome various challenges and complexities, and result in better quality product in less time.

Why Agile Automation Testing?

Agile methodology focuses on building a high quality product, reducing the risk associated with development. Since, agile methodology involves frequent changes, it is important to have a test automation process for the same. Moreover, one can consider using Continuous Integration (CI) as well to avoid and repetitive task.

Agile development methodology is based on integration and regular analysis of the product that is being developed.

There are various challenges associated with agile QA professionals. These challenges can be overcome using test automation techniques. Some of the challenges are mentioned below.

Since, there are various automation tools, an automation tool must be decided based on the project requirement. Some of the automated validation includes functional automation, API testing automation, mobile automation, and more.

Advantage of Agile Test Automation in Agile Development

Automation in software development provides speed, reliability, programmability, reusability, and more. Same is the case in Agile as well. However, in agile the importance of automation is much more than in software development. Some of the advantages are discussed below.

 Agile Quality Assurance in Different Phases

An Agile development process involves automation in its each phase, as discussed below.

360logica understands the importance of test automation and how they can help in accelerating regression test efforts in a cost-effective manner. The test automation framework used at 360logica is an unmatched solution for validating complex business process. At 360logica, a keyword driven approach is used to help non-technical users to validate business process. As a result of its continuous focus towards test automation, 360logica have been able to deliver improvement in quality and reduction in test maintenance efforts in various test automation projects for its number of clients.


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