The Importance of Software Testing for the IoT (Internet of Things)

The Importance of Software Testing for the IoT

Connected products offer huge benefits to both users and manufacturers, but connectivity to devices is more complex. We have already seen some major failures of Internet of Things (IoT), illustrating the significance of proper testing. Regression testing caters the need to ensure error-free IoT-based application, covering the device and interaction with the cloud and mobile applications. There are various instances where customer loyalty and revenue gets impacted because of improper testing. This is because of the complexities arising while adding connectivity to the products, which remains unaddressed most of the times.

IoT Components

There are several components associated with an IoT system. It’s often difficult to test individual components during integration and identify potential issues.

There are 3 main components in a typical IoT platform.

To ensure high-quality product, the IoT platform must provide transparency into the network traffic at all levels. Platform providers can allow easy handling and maintenance by providing visibility into potential product issues.

IoT Components: Key Testing Requirements
Device-Level Testing

Device-level testing includes test bench using a dashboard environment. This allows an automated approach to manage devices.

Cloud-Level Testing

Here, continuous integration tools cater the need to automate functional, integration system, and API tests. Some of the critical aspects of cloud level testing include:

Mobile-Level Testing

Mobile-based testing identifies issues and inconsistencies related to mobile app user interfaces and back-end systems and their interactions.

End-to-End Testing

 End-to-end testing is one of the most critical aspects of QA in IoT. It requires running automated tests involving device, cloud, and app. In addition, it is also important to test the solution in multiple conditions.

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