The Importance of Unit Testing in Agile Projects?

The advancement in technology and rapid rise in the product development has changed the way we work. Agile methodology promotes adaptability, speed, and responsiveness and drives the entire app management process, from coding to testing. However, the agile development functions best when enriched with automated unit testing.


In order to assess the closeness of the operation, software units, data, and procedures are tested. It basically tests the behavior of the unit and tells whether the test has passed or failed. Unit test uses mock the object to perform testing on relatively known value so as to simulate the actual environment. It helps in identifying as many issues in early stage so that every change in the code could be automated, so as to ensure a bug-free product. Here, the developers are responsible for the functional code before it is passed to the QA team, to ensure better performance.


Importance of Automated Unit Testing Framework


Bugs are often expensive to fix if detected at a later stage. If testing fails to detect bugs at an early stage it can hugely affect the reputation of the company as well. A well-designed unit testing framework can ensure efficient unit testing on Android and iOS devices.







As the software development process becomes easy to repeat, automated unit testing holds the key in agile projects.

Component and unit testing at 360logica Lab is an essential part of our commitment to follow the global delivery model and guarantee on-budget and on-time foreseeable software quality gains. Effective component testing by experienced software product testing experts at our lab makes sure each and every component of the software is tested for its quality, performance, and security and the application work to its full potential and bug-free in the real environment. We verify each part using established unit testing methods to find out potential liabilities of individual parts of an application and ensure each part is capable of doing its function and contribute to the overall performance.


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