The Internet of Everything: Transforming Lives

Internet-of-everythingThe Internet of Things is ushering to change the way we work, learn, play, and live. Soon the world is going to experience something that has never happened, and is expected to transform our everyday tasks. With the infrastructure involving connection among masses, methods, information, the building block of our future lies in the sensors, which are already being built in several devices. For many who were in an illusion to believe this can happen, Internet of Things (IoT) is soon going to become a reality.

With the gadgets and smart devices already flourishing the market, the IoT has already made its presence felt. Moreover, with smart devices accounting for half of the Internet traffic and the existence of various Internet-oriented devices, the transformation of each day to day task seems very much possible. The same can be seen around our surroundings, where we can find lightning and heating system being controlled remotely or by a mobile device at an economical price. This can help in an effective time management; however, connectivity has to play a more compelling role.

The expected change through IoT is not merely confined to our lives. The idea is set to change the way we drive on roads as well, thus avoiding major accidents. Today, with so many accidents happening due to negligence and unreliable mechanisms, sensor fitted cars can avoid such disaster to a greater extent. By using the auto detecting sensors, the drivers can be warned of any upcoming obstacles. In order to make this happen and turn IoT into a reality, Roosegaarde, a Dutch design firm studio is working in this direction. In addition to making smart cars, there is also a need to build smart roads. This would help in an effective communication between the roads and the traffic.

On the other hand, IoT can change many of our time-consuming and frustrating past experiences into a pleasant one. The best example to illustrate this is the use parking analytics tools. Such tools can prove to be useful in finding free space to park the vehicles. Moreover, they can inform the stores for a potential customer, who might have entered in the store’s garage with his car. There are many other things that can be possible with this unique concept of technology. With so many sensing and monitoring tools already in the market, IoT can take over all the others technology with its increasing availability.

In my opinion, the next decade is set to experience the IoT effect everywhere. With the kind of technology emerging day after day, it seems that the IoT revolution is already under way. If IoT infrastructure makes it possible for various devices to communicate with each other, we all will notice a brisk and ample transformation accomplishing a richer experience every day.

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