The Need to Test E-Learning Platforms

The Need to Test E-Learning PlatformsWith the advancement in technology, there are many institutions that have endorsed e-learning mechanisms for their students. The concept is equally popular among the students, who find it easy to access the course online according to their ease and comfort.

E-learning platform caters the need to create courses, enroll students, and update the students’ progress. In addition, it allows students to access courses, submit tasks, and take the assessments. In order to perform all these tasks in a seamless manner, there needs to be a greater flexibility, reliability, and scalability, which can be only achieved through a proper testing.

E-learning platforms are very diverse, which can be classified as follows:

The Benefits of Testing

The most important side of e-learning platform is to make it more learnable for the students. This would ensure the effectiveness of the platform, including its smooth functionality and usability. The focus should be to ensure is accessibility across the globe without any hindrance. This can be achieved by focusing on the following verticals of testing on an e-learning platform:

Let us have a brief insight on these testing types.

Performance Testing

Performance Testing ensures there is no hindrance or impact on the user experience while accessing the platforms or accessing various content. This is important, especially when there are a large number of users accessing e-learning platform.

Browser Testing

Platform compatibility testing or browser testing ensures a smooth user experience across diverse platforms involving different hardware, software, operating systems, browsers, etc.

Usability Testing

Usability testing ensures that there are no errors or challenges while the user navigates across the e-learning portal or website.

Functionality Testing

Functional testing guarantees that the functioning of the product according to the specifications. You can test the following areas:

Security Testing

Security testing prevents vulnerabilities and unauthorized access to e-learning platform. Moreover, it ensures data integrity and protection.


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