Tight Testing Schedule: An Anxiety for Software Testers

Tight Testing Schedule: An Anxiety for Software TestersAs a Software Tester you might have faced a situation where the deadline to release a product/module is close and you have been asked to deliver your report in ‘n’ days.

To accomplish the goal of delivering a bug free project you need Planning, Effort, and a considerable team size so that the major things that needs to be covered during the testing can be accommodated. Allocating the components to different members in your team might reduce the total effort to half. Basically, when projects get delayed, the time decided for testing also get squeezed, but we do not have to panic at that moment. If we keep complaining about the rescheduled testing time, then we would be wasting our time instead of thinking something productive. Anyone working on a software project is familiar with the various reasons for delay during the process of software development. We can say that delays are the part of Software Development (which is not documented in the books or the Internet).

Facing a tight schedule for testing, we have to make the best use of the time and the team available with us. We could start with identifying the areas where the user base would be negligible. Considering a criterion we can lay down the sequence with which we will be going to proceed the testing. Risk Analysis is an important part here. You can identify the areas which are critical, important from the end user’s perspective and important for the stakeholders.

You can create a checklist in order to remind the major functionalities, which must not be missed while performing the testing. I have listed some of the points that can be helpful for a software tester in a tight testing schedule.

All the above-mentioned points are not part and parcel of a testing schedule, but it covers quite a lot of important areas that usually needs attention.

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