Top Automation Testing Tools to Look for in 2018

Tools and technologies change according to the software development practices from time to time. Changes are always for the better, as it aims to improve quality, productivity, and customer satisfaction. In order to achieve these objectives software testing plays a crucial role.

According to a recent report, test automation, agile and DevOps methodologies are the key trends, as they better address the challenges through smart analytics. In the area of test automation, automation testing tools are the key, as every organization wants to better themselves in keeping up with the software testing trends.

There are various open source automation testing tools and commercial automation tools in the market that caters the need to perform automation testing efficiently. However, some of the best automation testing tools for the year 2018 are mentioned below.


Katalan Studio

Unified Functional Testing

Test Complete


Selecting the appropriate automation testing tools is key to low cost and early completion of a test driven hybrid frame work. Right tools help avoid unnecessary time overruns and wastage of resources in trial and error while promoting quality and effectiveness. Our automation testing experts adept in the latest, cutting edge technology and open source tools used for all type of test driven and key driven frameworks provide robust and the best possible hybrid framework. We also use a variety of licensed tools wherever necessary during key driven framework testing ensuring the best possible automation test for customers.


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