How to Use Some of the Most Popular Toolbar Elements in Selenium IDE?

Selenium IDE is implemented as a Firefox extension and act as an integrated development environment for Selenium scripts. There are different elements of Selenium IDE software testing tool to work with.

Some of the most commonly used toolbar and their functions are mentioned below.Selenium_IDE_ToolBar

Speed Controller

Speed controller is an important element of Selenium IDE. It controls the speed of your test cases, i.e. how fast they can run. You can set the speed controller to either ‘Fast’ or ‘Slow’ as per your requirement. IN case you have selected Slow, your test cases will run slowly.

Run All Button

Run All Button is used to run the entire test suite. This will run all the test cases present in a test suite in one go. If you have 10 test cases of a web application in one test suite, this button will run all the test cases one by one.

Run Button

The Run button can be used to run a particular selected test case in a test suite.

Pause/Resume Button

If you need to pause a running test case, you can use the ‘Pause’ button. In order to resume or restart the paused test cases, use the ‘Resume’ button.

Step Button

Step button can be used to run test commands one by one manually. If you have paused a test case, you can run remaining commands using the ‘Step’ button one by one. Moreover, you can also debug the scripts in Selenium IDE software.

Record/Stop Button

Record button is used to record the users browsing activity. In addition, it can also be used to create test scripts for reusing. ‘Stop’ button is used to stop the recording.

Command Table

It shows the recorded command. These commands can be modified as per the requirement. It has the following elements:


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