What is User Acceptance Test Procedure?

User acceptance testing (UAT) means the approval or agreement by the consumer of the software or the person who requested to build it. So, in short UAT means testing a software by the user to check whether it can be accepted or not.

When the product is ready to go live or ready to be used by the consumers, the product is thoroughly tested by the users/client.

User Acceptance Testing Procedure

The user or client could be a person who is buying the product or someone who has got the software custom built through a software service provider or the users to which the product is released ahead of time.

The best way to understand the user acceptance testing process is to think UAT in terms of plan, design, and execute phases. Some of the pre-requisites before the planning phase include the following.


This includes a list of things that needs to be evaluated before the product gets accepted.  This is of two types.








UAT Test Planning

The process is same as the regular test plan. The most common procedure is to plan for both system and UAT phase. The UAT test plan includes anything relevant like protocols, templates, analysis, etc. Even if the QA team is participating or not, the phase must be planned and everything should be taken in consideration.

UAT Test Execution

UAT usually happens in a room where the users and QA team sit together to work through all acceptance test cases. Acceptance decision is made once all tests are run. The UAT phase ends with acceptance decision.

Important UAT Points

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