User Acceptance Testing (UAT) Process

The situation where a software is testing is tested for its acceptability is known as acceptance testing. With this test, the system’s compliance is evaluated against the business requirement and analyzed whether it is acceptable for delivery or not.

According to ISTQB, acceptance testing is defined as a formal testing with respect to user need, requirement, and business process to decide if the system satisfies the acceptance criteria, and allows users or customers to decide whether or not to accept the system.

During the process of a software development, there are different modules for different functions that are designed separately and unit tested separately. When two or more units are ready they are assembled and Integration testing is performed. After integration, system testing is performed. After system testing, acceptance testing is performed to confirm the software is ready to be used by the end-users.

Usually, acceptance testing is performed using the Black Box approach. The testing is an ad-hoc process where there is no strict procedure.

When to Perform User Acceptance Testing?

UAT testing is the last thing to be done in the software testing cycle before the system is made available for the actual use. Basically, user acceptance testing is categorized in the following way.

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