Web Analytics Testing: Process and Importance

The main aim of Web analytics is to improve the online customer’s experience. It is more of a website optimization technique rather than a technology. This allows companies to optimize the website so as to get maximum profit.

Web Analytics Process

  1. Initiate with a proper definition of business goals
  2. Identify key performance indicators to track the achievements
  3. Collect authentic and precise data
  4. Data Analysis
  5. Based on the assumptions from analysis perform test alternatives
  6. Implement insights on the basis of data analysis or website testing

Defining Website Goals

This is the very first thing you must understand to improve your website. In order to define your website goals you must know why your website exist?

Building Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

To measure the achieved goals, you must analyze the performance of the website, i.e. whether it is going up or down by creating key performance indicator. A good KPI should have the following attributes.

Website Data Collection

Before collecting website data, the following questions must be asked.

There are various methods for data collection, including Web Logs, JavaScript Tagging, Packet Sniffing, and more.

Analyzing Data

There are various ways in which data can be converted into insights. This is a very important step when optimizing the website. Some of them are discussed below.


Testing Alternatives

In order to learn about the customer’s experience it is good to experiment. A web analyst must learn to test everything quickly and find a suitable alternative. Here are a few tips for website testing.


It is important to get over the implementation part once you have overcome all the previous steps successfully. You can consider the below mentioned tips to overcome the implementation bottleneck, if any.

Analytics and Testing: Which is more important?

To choose from analytics and testing first totally depends on the kind of company. We can divide companies into two segments.

  1. Companies new to analytics and testing: These companies start with a web analytics tool. However, before investing big on tools, one must understand the following points.
    • Will it improve the performance of the site?
    • What will be the ROI of buying such tools?
    • Will the customers stick to your website?
    • Will it promote you? (on the lighter side)

However, the easiest way to get to know how good your effort is is to start testing. You can start with a small part of the website.


  1. Analytics minded companies: These companies already have the analytics solution to improve their conversion rates. Web analytics solution can help in providing better insights for the website optimization.

So, in short, if there is more data, it can be used to maximize testing success; and the test results could be used to help following data analysis.

Web Analytics Testing at 360logica

360logica provides a complete web analytics testing services to help you understand how your visitors are interacting with your websites. Google also takes this information to rank you with the help of an algorithm.

Testing different opportunities help you improve campaign performance as well. In order to increase the conversions, 360logica uses various testing techniques, including A/B and Multivariate Testing.

Our Web Analytics Testing services provide various valuable information about the visitors, including.

Moreover, you can also track the exact movement and clicks of the visitor’s mouse with the help of Click and Scroll Tracking.

A/B and Multivariate Testing: This testing tells you about the performance of clickable elements of your web page. This testing approach allows gauging performance like rotating between two images or tweaking an important call to action and then acting on the results. This helps in getting a website with continuous performance improvement.


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