Website Usability Testing that Actually Works

While building a new website there are various factors that need to be considered. The first thing is to make your website look attractive, which fulfills the need of the visitor. That’s the reason usability testing is one of the key aspects while building a website. In common terms, the word ‘usability’ refers to an ease with which you can use an object, i.e. anything you can interact with. In terms of software applications, it is the ease with which users can access the website to achieve what they are looking for.

Importance of Website Usability

There are various websites with a similar appearance that serves the same purpose. So, it is highly likely that a user can quickly navigate to a different website if the first one doesn’t work for him. In addition to good appearance, a good website must also have a proper navigation technique.

Usability testing helps in evaluating a product by testing on users. Here, a scenario is constructed and a person performs a list of task that is likely to be performed by the user who is using it for the first time. A third person records and notes the observation based on the tasks that are being performed. It is the best way to test as you will observe whether the task is being formed or any difficulty is coming up.

There are 3 categories of usability testing:




Usability Testing Methods


The success of any application depends on the degree of usability and satisfaction it provides to customers. 360logica usability and content testing experts make sure a software product is verified with focus on the best end-user experience and its advantage over competitive applications. Our usability testing and QA services check and establish compatibility of applications and their hassle-free integration with websites, CRM and other software, Internet applications, multimedia tools, and consumer electronic devices. While the focus of our usability and content testing services remains on industry-specific needs of end users, comprehensive QA services by us help clients improve their products and promote its marketability.


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