What are Different Regression Testing Tools and Techniques?

Regression testing ensures that any change in the source code or program doesn’t affect the existing features of the software application. It is basically selecting test cases that are fully or partially executed before. So, basically this ensures with every new change or introduction of new codes, the old code still works.

When is Regression Testing Required?

Regression testing is required in the following scenarios.

Challenges Associated with Website Regression Testing

Following are challenges that are faced by testers while performing regression testing in Java and other similar technologies that are used to create a website.

Different Techniques of Regression Testing

Once the software is developed, software maintenance holds the key for enhancing, error correcting, and optimizing the features. However, these modifications can make the software behave differently. Hence, regression testing becomes immensely important to ensure the software is working properly.

Regression Testing can be broadly classified as:

Retest All

Here, the entire test present in an existing collection of test cases is re-executed. However, this involves huge time and resources and proves to be very expensive.

Regression Test Selection

In this method of regression testing, instead of selecting the entire test-suite for re-execution, a part of the test-suite is selected for execution. Here, the test cases are classified under reusable test cases and obsolete test cases. The re-usable test cases are used in the proceeding regression cycles, whereas obsolete test cases are not used in succeeding cycles.

Prioritization of Test Cases

Test cases are prioritized depending upon the criticality and impact of the functionalities on the business. Test cases that are high on a priority will help in reducing the regression test suite.

Regression Testing Test Case Selection

It has been noticed that out of all the bugs reported by customers, most of them were due to last minute changes in terms of bug fixes.  Hence, selecting the test case for regression testing is really important.

By selecting the following test cases, you can perform effective regression testing.


Different Regression Testing QA Tools


With frequent changes, regression testing price goes high. Here, any manual method of executing test cases will increase the effort and time. Automation of regression test cases is the best option to overcome any challenges associated with manual testing.

Some of the most popular tools that can be used for regression testing include the following.


Regression Testing Framework and Configuration Management


While working in an agile environment, there is a continuous need for the modification of code. Here, configuration management becomes very important. The following things need to be observed while doing this.

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