What are the Advantages of Incorporating JIRA with qTest?

What are the Advantages of Incorporating JIRA with qTestJIRA caters the need to track major bugs and other project related issues. It proves as a great help for agile QA and development teams. It has a predefined workflow, which helps you manage any form of bugs or project related tasks easily.

qTest is a test management solution purposely built for agile teams.  It allows quick and easy management of reports on software testing and test case management.

The Need to Collaborate JIRA and qTest

Integrating issues and tracking abilities of JIRA with the test case management abilities of qTest will change the way QA and development teams’ work. Some of the benefits of integrating JIRA with qTest are mentioned below.

Once you connect the tools, you will see that the interface has been changed. However, the ‘defects’ tab will be no longer visible, as the bugs raised in qTest will be created in JIRA as ‘BUG’. You can perform the following activities.

  1. Retrieve requirements.
  2. Create test cases and link them to requirements.
  3. Create and run test cycles.
  4. Report defects.
  5. Analytics and Report.

Advantages of Integrating JIRA with qTest


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