What is Bucket Testing?

Bucket testing is also called as variable testing or A-B testing. Buckets are our implementation of smart objects. A bucket is a storage unit that contains data. The bucket design goals are: aggregation, intelligence, self-sufficiency, mobility, heterogeneity and archive independence and metadata, as well as the methods for accessing both. Bucket testing methodology is largely used for website testing not for software testing.

Buckets contain 0 or more packages. Packages contain 0 or more elements. Actual data objects are stored as elements, and elements are grouped together in packages within a bucket. Testing this actual data objects, which are stores as elements and number of elements that are grouped together in packages that are within a bucket is known as bucket testing.

Bucket testing services is a methodology for gauging the impact of different product designs on a Web site’s metrics. The basic premise is to run two simultaneous versions of a single or set of Web pages in order to measure the difference in clicks, traffic, transactions, and more between the two. Bucket testing provided a great way to send a small amount of traffic (usually less than 5%) to a different user interface without negatively impacting the bottom line if our new design had unintended negative consequences.

Bucket testing is often known by many other names like split testing and A/ B testing. It is often considered to be a market testing methodology which helps to ensure QA services within organization. The bucket testing methodology is used to compare a variety of baseline control samples with the single variables test samples. This is done for improving the responding rates of the whole mechanisms and consider in independent testing services for websites. It is direct mail strategy classic in nature. It has been employed in the interactive space to make use of features like landing pages, emails and banner ads etc.


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