Why Cloud Load Testing is Performed?

Cloud Load Testing has recently emerged as one of the best applications of cloud computing. Cloud computing generates economies of scale and provides unprecedented access to inexpensive computing resources. While the utility of load testing is universally acknowledged, conventional load testing using in-house resources has many limitations and bottlenecks.

In today’s world of e-business, customers and business partners want their websites to be competitive. The criteria for a competitive website are the following: pages that download immediately and efficient and accurate online transactions can be performed. Companies simulate real world Web users by using Cloud Testing services. Once user scenarios are developed and the test is designed, these service providers leverage Cloud servers (such as Amazon EC2) to generate Web traffic that originates from around the world.

Key Benefits:

Cloud load testing allows generating virtual user loads from different parts of the world. This allows more accurate simulation of the actual load. Latency for example, can increase page response times and this would only be evident in a load test where the virtual users accessing the application were geographically dispersed.

Cloud load testing has transformed load testing and has removed many of its biggest bottlenecks and limitations. Cloud load testing provides the tools to utilize load testing to its fullest.


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