Why is Software Testing Important in Healthcare Insurance Sector?

Healthcare Insurance

It is very important to test software’s efficiency and consistency before the actual deployment. However, at times big companies those are into banking and insurance sector make use of test automation and different set of tools usually by product development groups. Here, every team has a different perspective of test automation, which creates an atmosphere of inconsistency.

In order to improve the quality of the code, it is required that software development teams test, deploy, and monitor the code in a hassle free way. This allows detecting the defects in the early development phase and leads to a better front-end application.

Healthcare Insurance Sector

Today, healthcare insurance has its presence across the nation in various countries. The application requires a complete compliance with the state and federal laws and make necessary for the stakeholders to protect the patient information. However, there is always a risk of data breaches by employees, which makes it tough to get the production data for building test data. Moreover, the frequencies of modification in the rules make it imperative to update the application from time to time and then testing the same. The best example can be taken of the HealthCare.gov site – an insurance portal that crashed too often due to heavy traffic and load, as it was not tested for it. Another example can be taken of the Massachusetts health insurance portal, where people were forced to use papers for insurance plans. This was due to the revamped website, as it was not tested properly in terms of information.

 Insurance Sector

With the Internet of Things (IoT) already buzzing the IT industry, the insurance sector is one that is expected to gain the maximum benefit from the so-called fourth industrial revolution. This has indeed added the pressure to conduct end-to-end testing on all products.

IoT is making today’s users well-informed and up-to-date and its importance cannot be ignored. To implement IoT, organization must test the IoT products before the release and overcome any issues that might appear later on. There is a chance of increased security risk in the insurance sector, as there is minimum human interference, hence, privacy and security testing becomes very critical. Moreover, there is increased risk of security breaches and malfunctioning of devices. This requires the need to have continuous integration. Testing is also critical due to the huge data involved and will ensure in creating trusted product.

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