Working With JMeter 3.0: How to Install Plugins?

There are various Plugins that can be used with JMeter. Some of the most popular and commonly used Plugins in JMeter includes:

Note: You can go to and find a list of all Plugins.

Installing Plugins in JMeter 3.0 is more complex than installing in earlier versions. Initially, it required you to download all the lib (.jar) file of the plugin and copy it to the correct folder. However, with the release of latest updates, you need to just download plugins-manager.jar and put it in lib/ext directory, then restart JMeter.

  1. Download the latest version of plugins-manager.jar.
  2. Copy the plugins-manager.jar into /${JMETER_HOME}/lib/ext.image001
  3. Close all the windows and restart JMeter.
  4. Verify that the Plugins Manager was installed successfully.image003
  5. Click to open the Plugins Manager Pop-up.image005
  6. Select the plugin to be installed from the ‘Available Plugins’ tab. Click ‘Apply Changes and Restart JMeter’.image007
  7. Once you click ‘Apply Changes and Restart JMeter’, install progress will be run.image009
  8. Once the JMeter restart, check whether the plugin was successfully installed.image011
  9. You can also check the same in the given list of Samplers.image013

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