WORLD QUALITY REPORT 2015: The Facts You Must Know

WORLD QUALITY REPORT 2015: The Facts You Must Know

It requires both skill and dedication to be a good QA and software tester. In addition, it requires the need to use different technologies, tools, and methodologies. This has led to the need of standards, ideas, and various researches in the field of software testing. World Quality Report (WQR) is one of the most popular researches, providing a perfect picture of things happening in the industry.

According to the report, there are a number of businesses and companies giving more emphasis to the quality of their solution. With digitization, you can find more software and apps in various domains of a business. The report says more than half of the business considers the change in app functionalities to be very quick. This remains a matter that is quite challenging for them. However, with the increase in new technologies, there has been an increase in the budget of QA and testing.

Being a tester doesn’t necessarily bring you all the updates from the testing world, unless you are curious and research oriented.  Below-mentioned are few facts from WQR for you, which you might have experienced as a QA tester.

  1. Customer experience is the key: Testers must aim to ensure flawless customer experience. For more than two-third of the business, customer experience is the most import aspect of their product.
  2. Invest more in tools and functionalities: For more than 50% of the business, the investment goes for developers. However, investment in end-end automation and other requirements should be there. 
  3. Short life cycles and more agility: With the development and testing cycle getting shorter, budgets are assigned for both developers and agile practices. However, the need for testing keeps on rising. 
  4. More security: Security is something that is valued a little more than a customer experience. Almost 80% of the companies consider security the most important factor and the reason testing is done in the first place.
  5. New roles with a rise in demand: New roles have risen to meet the new and challenging demands of QA and software testing. This is because of an ever-increasing number of businesses. Certainly, this was not the case five years back.

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