Careers in Software Testing and QA

At 360logica, we recognize that hiring the best and brightest talent is a big part of what makes us a successful company. We understand that our greatest asset is our employees. You are important to our success. A lot of companies say that, but how many actually design their business to reflect this fact? 360logica does. That’s why we encourage each person who works at 360logica to design yourself in.

When we encourage our employees to design themselves in to 360logica, we want them to engage fully in:

  • 360logica as a vital member of our organization.
  • The technology that drives our success, where there are opportunities to enhance employees’ own skills and opportunities.
  • Their communities, including family, neighborhood, and city. All of 360logica is strengthened by our employees’ active involvement in their communities.
  • Balance. We believe that life is enriched by everything we invest in it: passion, learning, relationships, new opportunities, etc.
  • Work environment that is committed to living in accordance with 360logica core values: Passion, People, Integrity, Innovation, and Excellence.
  • Flexible working time and maintaining a sound equilibrium between work and home profits everybody in the organization.


At 360logica, we believe in a workplace that maximizes everyone’s potential – through teamwork, learning and communication. Ours is a culture that recognizes and rewards individual effort. We have designed a work environment that actively promotes quality, innovation and creativity in everything we do.

Career Opportunities

360logica is looking for the best and brightest professionals to join our team to take their career to the next level. 360logica offers talented people from many disciplines around the globe the opportunity to excel in an exciting high tech industry. Our track record of helping employees build rewarding careers is just part of what drives our success.

To check out the current opportunities send us an email at

Code of Ethics

360logica has adopted a written Code of Ethics and Business Conduct that governs the behavior of the directors, officers and employees of the Company. It has been a long-standing policy of 360logica that we will conduct our business ethically and in conformance with the laws and regulations of all the countries in which we do business. Our Code sets out the principles that constitute our way of doing business and affirms our core values. It is an integral part of all our employees’ pursuit and conduct of business. It also acts as a guide to help 360logica employees reach decisions that ensure 360logica’s success as a company and to maintain our integrity in the global community.


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